Arctic Energy Dance Team.

The Lil’Fam NATION was established in January 2013.

Dancer, choreographer, international class instructor Alexandra Sherman, in tandem with dancer and choreographer Tokha Andreev, created a truly unique dance project. They proved that plasticity can express any drama, that hip-hop is not only able to break through to the professional stage, but also blend harmoniously into the fabric of modern culture. Proof of this is the highest awards for Lil’Fam Community teams at prestigious international and Russian professional championships. The Lil’Fam Community 4 teams (Lil’Fam crew, Apes crew, Fried-X crew and Nuts crew), which for five years of their existence, invariably entered the top three.
So, in a short time Lil’Fam Community managed to become a leader in the Russian dance industry.

Arctic Energy has become the official partner of the LiL'Fam Community. We are always happy to support art, because it opens new doors to the beautiful.

Lil’Fam Community won at prestigious international and Russian professional championships

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