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Mitjet 2L is a new French car racing series that came to Russia in 2015.

The same characteristics of all cars provide fair competition and intense rivalry between pilots during races, which at the same time makes the race exciting and entertaining.

The MitJet series was born in 2006 in France, when the famous racer Jean-Philippe Dayro decided to create a new class of races in which anyone could participate. Since 2015, national championships and traditional competitions of the most popular series - Mitjet 2L: France, Italy, Denmark, USA and Russia are held in 5 countries.

The promoter of Mitjet 2L in Russia is the company ArcticEnergy, whose headquarters is located at the Autodrome in Sochi, where it is possible to conduct trainings and competitions on the current Formula 1 track all year round

The MitJet series attracts professional pilots and amateurs who have no experience, but who have a great desire to try themselves behind the wheel of a racing car.

The official site of the Mitjet 2L series in Russia!


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