Arctic Energy won again! 

At Magny-Cours circuit only Povilas Jankavicius took part at the third stage of Mitjet International series, to collect points for Arctic Energy team. The team captain Sergey Egorov took part in a charity bike ride in Monaco with the participation of sports and movie stars.

Povilas started the first race from third place and was fighting for the victory with Sebastien Seveau till the last corner, but finished in second place just behind Mitjet 2L #24. However at the second Saturday race, which was on wet track, Arctic Energy driver took the lead in the very first corner starting from second place and gaining advantage of 6 seconds in first two laps. One of the competitors got off the track and safety car nullified Povilas's advantage. During restart Jankavičius slipped and lost one position, but after one lap Arctic Energy pilot got back on top and finished with comfortable five seconds lead. Moreover, Povilas drove using old tires, while other riders were on completely new tires.

On Sunday morning third race, held at 8:30 am, forced the pilots and mechanics to adapt to the darkness, rain, fully wet track and an unusual 6 degrees Celsius.
The race has begun under the safety car due to the large amount of water on the circuit. Povilas started from the second position (the result of the first race), he tried to attack immediately the leader, but it didn’t worked out.

“Yes, we decided to use last year's tires. At first I thought that we were wrong with the tire pressure, but still it was all about the rubber. The other competitors tires had about 6 mm rubber, while mine about 3 mm, so I was often driving sideways when cornering and couldn’t accelerate properly. Yes, we made a mistake in estimating the volume of water on the circuit. Overall pace wasn’t so bad, but it wasn’t good enough to overtake the competitors and i finished third just behind the two leaders”, admitted Povilas Jankavičius.

For the fourth race team has made their conclusions and “shod” the car with new tires. Povilas calmly and confidently drove and finished first on wet track and extended his championship lead by 1 point. Now he is ahead of the closest rival by 3 points with two more rounds to go this season.

Now the team is heading to their base in Toulouse to prepare for the Ligier European Series at Autodromo di Monza, which will take place on 9-10th of October.