The Arctic Energy team is spending an intense August: every weekend drivers in a different composition fight for racing points: this time Sergey Egorov and Povilas Jankavicius went to Nogaro for the first stage of the Mitjet International championship.

The weekend started with a tribute to series veteran Bruno Cosin, who recently passed away. Everyone offered support and condolences to the family and friends of the driver.

On Friday, during the free practice, Arctic Energy drivers showed the best time, but on both qualifications they finished with the second time. “If everything goes smoothly, then we have an excellent chance of snatching victory. We will try to show everything that we are capable of”, said the team captain Sergey Egorov. Friday evening ended with a torrential rain that even flooded some of the boxes and tents. The Mitjet series riders were not happy with the rain, as the "grip" on the track was washed away in front of their eyes. However, some noted the fact that in the morning the GT4 cars will be the first to drive, which will slightly “warm up” the track.

At the team meeting, the drivers decided that Povilas was in great shape and had an excellent "move". Therefore, the team captain Sergey Egorov appointed Jankavičius as the only pilot for the weekend (4 races). And this despite the fact that Egorov himself in October last year twice climbed the podium in Nogaro. The bet played, Povilas confidently started the first race and overtook the pole sitter Gregor Raymondis. However, after the first turn, there was a collision between the Gregor’s Mitjet and the Arctic Energy car, Raymondis lost control and flew off the track. Jankavičius managed to keep the car, pick up speed and win. But immediately after the race, the pilot was summoned to Race Control and fined for the collision, being assigned to the last position of the peleton in race 3. Fortunately, the victory in the 1st race was not canceled, but the controversial penalty remained in force. The second race ended in triumph again, although the start was not as convincing as in the first race. The third race began with a dangerous situation already at the first corner, but the Arctic Energy pilot managed to save the car from crash and impress the French commentators: starting from 16th place, Mitjet with number 17 finished fourth, almost rising to third position. Such agility and "audacity" caused serious skepticism on the part of the championship commissars, who, as part of a whole department, studied every detail of the car for more than an hour for violations and hidden "upgrades". Recognizing that the sportiness of the driver was the only reason for the high speed, the commissioners withdrew. In the fourth race, Povilas started from the first position. He managed to secure the best lap of the race, which also ended in victory for the Arctic Energy team.

“Our strategy turned out to be extremely successful, we earned the coveted points in the team competition. In the fourth heat, I did not expect that Povilas would be able to show the best lap of the weekend, since he did not have the opportunity for a slipstream, because he mainly rode in the leading position. I am pleased with the result, 3 wins out of 4 are very worthy. Now all the thoughts of the team are focused on the upcoming weekend in Le Castellet, where we will fight for the title in the Ligier European Series” - summed up the enchanting success of the Russian team Sergey Egorov.