So yes, the first ever Ligier European Series season has come to an end. It was a great journey for our team, full of ups and downs. Unfortunately, it was not possible to compete for the title. But we are certain to continue fighting next season. Congratulations to the winners and organizers of the Ligier European Series! Now #ArcticEnergy team is going to take a little rest, because we will try to win the title of the Mitjet International championship!

Nerses Isaakyan shared his impressions on the Ligier European Series: "The track in Portimao was new to me. I really liked it - no time to rest, constant turns, changes in heights... There are many dangerous places where you can make a mistake and get to know the wall closer than you would like to. The races themselves during the last weekend were not very successful for me, due to technical problems. Although I stayed close to the leaders. But, unfortunately, it was not possible to stake out a position in the top three. The chamiponship is very interesting, tight competition in all 5 races. And a joint weekend with the ELMS made it possible to watch other categories, to take a closer look at the other drivers. This was my first season in this competition, so there is room for improvement. The car is lighter than the GT4 and GT3, on some tracks it is faster than these cars. I got more pleasure in the corners, the car is really reactive. No ABS and no traction control - that fits me, because I like working more with the car itself. I am happy and will try to win the championship next year!"