The first two Mitjet International races on the Nevers Magny-Cours Circuit have kept all their promises in terms of spectacle!
Arctic Energy drivers Mikhail Makarovsky and Sergey Egorov fought for the victory in the Gentlemen category, but this time it was not possible to climb the podium.
Race 1, Friday (8:30 am): Sébastien Seveau (Generation Stunt) resists Ronald Basso (Racing Spirit of Léman)
The track is declared wet for this morning race; the first of this Nivernais weekend. Some have taken the bet to wear Yokohama rubber for dry tracks, like Sébastien Seveau (Generation Stunt) and Ronald Basso (Racing Spirit of Léman), on the front row.

When the lights go out, Sébastien Seveau retains the leadership against Ronald Basso. The duel at the top will last throughout the race, but it is within the peloton that the hierarchy evolves. Starting in 16th position on the grid, Manu Damiani (GT Drive), at the wheel of the Mitjet # 8 (GT Drive) climbed back to 7th position at the end of the first lap, thanks to the wet tires. The Corsican pilot does not stop there and goes up to 3rd position.

A red flag less than 2 minutes from the finish, preceded by the intervention of Safety Car, puts an end to the debates. The Generation Stunt driver Sébastien Seveau won after six laps ahead of Ronald Basso. The Racing Spirit of Léman driver is credited with the fastest lap in the race in 2: 09.475.

After a very good comeback, Manu Damiani climbs on the third step of the scratch podium and wins at Gentlemen Drivers. The Damiani family made an impression as Romain finished at the foot of the podium.

The young talents of VPS Racing were well illustrated in this race, in particular Sandro Perissouti who obtained his first victory in the Mitjet Challenge Junior. He is ahead of his teammate at VPS, Louis Rousset.

It takes more to disrupt Alain Grand who offers himself a top 15 overall in addition to the Gentleman victory.
Race 2, Friday (6:35 p.m.): Sébastien Seveau (Generation Stunt) becomes one with his mount!

The conditions are ideal for the 35 drivers at the start of this second race on the Nevers Magny-Cours Circuit.

The poleman, Sébastien Seveau (Generation Stunt) got off to a very good start as usual and managed to take a few steps ahead. Behind him, the battle rages on between Jérémy Lourenço (Generation Stunt) and Ronald Basso (Racing Spirit of Léman). The latter takes 2nd place in Adelaide.

The debates on the track were interrupted in the second lap following the exit of the track by Jorge Domingues on the Mitjet 2L # 49 / MV2S Racing.

The Safety Car disappears to let the Mitjeters compete. The fight at the forefront then resumes even more between Ronald Basso and Jérémy Lourenço. The latter manages to regain 2nd place while Ronald Basso must now resist Romano Ricci (Racing Spirit of Léman) who finds the opening the following lap. Meanwhile, Sébastien Seveau took off at the head of the race.

The Safety Car returned to the track a few minutes from the checkered flag. A collision between the Mitjet 2L # 111 / Arctic Energy and # 15 / DIM Racing causes this neutralization which will be right at the end of the race.

Génération Stunt achieved the double with the second consecutive victory for Sébastien Seveau, just ahead of Jérémy Lourenço, second and Gentleman winner for the first time this season. Romano Ricci completes the scratch podium.

There were great fights on all levels, especially in the top 10 where we find Paul-Adrien Pallot victorious in the Mitjet Junior Challenge.
The last two races of this second round of Mitjet International were fiercely contested from start to finish on the Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours.
Race 3, Saturday (9:00 am): Louis Rousset (VPS Racing) asserts himself

The 36 drivers line up on the starting grid to compete in this third race of the weekend in Nivernais. All the ingredients are there with a radiant weather and above all the inverted grid for the top 10 at the end of race 1, always a source of great successes in the peloton.

François Buisson, on pole at the wheel of the Mitjet 2L # 21 / FJF Racing, was a little surprised at the start and was overwhelmed by his pursuers. Paul-Adrien Pallot (MV2S Racing), on the right on the line, is wound up outside the 1st corner, by Romano Ricci (Racing Spirit of Léman).

The VPS Racing drivers, Sandro Perissoutti and Louis Rousset got off to a very good start and placed themselves in the top quartet. Louis Rousset seizes the leadership under Adelaide braking, after a few minutes of racing and will not be caught up to the finish line.

Sandro Perissoutti stood out at the start of the race against Paul-Adrien Pallot for 1st place in Junior, but the latter finally regained his due a few moments later, to then concentrate on his next goal, Romano Ricci. . The two men are wheel in wheel and it is finally the young man who finds the opening in the 180 °.

At the end of the 20 minutes of racing, Louis Rousset is credited with the best lap in the race in 1: 56.407 and passes under the checkered flag as the winner; his second victory this season! The VPS Racing driver beat Paul-Adrien Pallot, victorious in the Mitjet Junior Challenge.

Ronald Basso (Racing Spirit of Léman) inherits 3rd place at the end of the race following the penalty (30 seconds) imposed on Romano Ricci, following the failure to respect the distances imposed at the start.

What a battle for the top 5 with six cars in three seconds less! Jérémy Lourenço managed to gain the upper hand in the last moments to secure the top 5. The Generation Stunt driver finished 4th and won in the Gentleman Driver category, in which he was ahead of his teammate Alexandre Guesdon, and Le Tone, which hangs a new podium!

Sandro Perissoutti was not unworthy, quite the contrary, and ranked 5th overall; 2nd in Junior.

Alain Grand (TM Evolution) has nothing more to prove behind the wheel of a car, especially on a Mtijet 2L which he masters and which he takes very well within the peloton, at the top of his 50 years of license. He won among the Seniors and finished 13th overall.
Race 4, Saturday (5:45 p.m.): Louis Rousset (VPS Racing) doubles the stake!

The tension is at its height and the mercury exceeds 20 ° C for the fourth and last race of the weekend.

In the game of the inverted grid for the top 10 of race 2, Frédéric de Brabant (Mirage Racing) started from pole position, alongside Sébastien Loiret-Fournier (Pole Position 81). With Paul-Adrien Pallot (MV2S Racing) in ambush, the three drivers tackle Adelaide's braking three abreast. The young MV2S Racing driver then took control of the race.

Sébastien Seveau is talking about the speed of his Mitjet 2L prepared by Génération Stunt to move up in the rankings and point to 2nd at the end of the second lap. The double winner yesterday now has Paul-Adrien Pallot in his sights, who does not resist too much against the defending vice-champion who takes the lead behind the wheel of the Mitjet # 24.

Starting 11th and 13th on the grid, VPS Racing drivers Edgar Maloigne and Louis Rousset led the start of the race. Louis Rousset gradually rose to the forefront to move up to 3rd position at the halfway point. The # 79 Mitjet 2L pilot first got rid of Paul-Adrien Pallot's Mitjet 2L # 22 in the Nürburgring sequence, then tackled Sébastien Seveau. The mano a mano turns to the advantage of the young talent who wins for the second time of the day, with 5 tenths ahead of Sébastien Seveau.

Manu Damiani (GTDRIVE) also won the favor of the cameras for his good performance on the track, especially against Paul-Adrien Pallot. The boss of GTDRIVE climbs on the 3rd step of the scratch podium and wins among the Gentlemen.

At the foot of the podium, Paul-Adrien Pallot nevertheless won the Mitjet Junior Challenge race, which he continues to dominate.

The dean of the Mitjet International set, Alain Grand (TM Evolution) moved up from 33rd to 21st place!