In the qualifying of the first round of Mitjet Italia 2022 there is a clear ruler: it is the Scionti Racing Team, capable of putting two different drivers in pole position.

In Q1 the time set by Matteo Desideri  is something amazing: 2'06.956. Not only that: Desideri shows that the time set is not the result of a lucky lap, ringing other performances in line with the super time trial which is worth the pole position. “ I immediately felt comfortable with the team and with the car, which I had already tried even though many years ago… or now we're going to see the races! ”Declared a smiling Desideri.

The first opponent for him is his teammate De Marco who in Q1 marks the second half, about a second behind Desideri, almost six tenths better than Jankavicius who closes third.

In Q2 De Marco, which disputes both qualifications as well as all four races, scores a 2'08.435 which is enough for the second pole position. “ Since the end of the 2021 season I have never had the chance to test and train ... I am still getting used to driving and the car, but I feel very comfortable with the new team.


Race 1 

The first race of the season kicks off in the afternoon sun at 15.35. Jankavicius surprises the leading duo of the Scionti Racing Team, immediately bringing the n17 of the Arctic Energy team to lead the race. Desires , although he slipped fourth, did not give up and immediately began a comeback that soon led him to pass Bensi, then comrade De Marco and finally the leader Jankavicius, who also loses his position on De Marco. Just a moment before the race is interrupted with a red flag in order to recover Manu Damiani's car in the sand after a contact with Ferloni, also retired. Unfortunately, the Frenchman will not be able to race in race two due to a problem in his shoulder. 

At the restart Desideri keeps a cool head, while Jankavicius is still off to a great start and finds a crack in De Marco. Finally, the podium will be really Desideri, Jankavicius, De Marco. Excellent  Lorenzo Tocci , best of the Junior at his debut, and Enrico Garbelli , first among the Seniors.


Race 2

Race two sees the cars line up as threatening clouds gradually cover the sky. With the constant threat of rain Pierandrea De Marco from pole and Julien De Miguel alongside him give life to a beautiful and exciting battle. The wake favors overtaking on the long straights of Mugello and the braking of the two are always at the extreme limit allowed by the car. Eventually the rain arrives: De Marco is the author of a last, definitive and spectacular overtaking on the slippery track. Miguel cannot answer: the Safety Car enters, escorting the group on the last lap towards the checkered flag. Third step of the podium goes to Gaetan Essart, while Tommaso Fossati wins the ranking reserved for juniors, among the seniors Giampiero Paparusso.


Race 3

Matteo Desideri does an encore! The Roman driver is irresistible in race 3, which saw him start from the tenth pitch due to the grid inversion envisaged by the new format. When the traffic lights go out , Makarovskii and Rouvier, which started from the first row, do not have a very happy idea. De Miguel and De Marco take advantage of this and , passing outside the San Donato, a large part of the group parade and take the lead. Unfortunate Makaroksvi who, collided at the entrance of Borgo San Lorenzo, ends up in a spin, dangerously crossing the track and leading to the safety points. At the restart the battle for the second position starts: there are even 5 to enter the San Donato: Essart, Malvestiti, Rouvier, Bensi and Desideri. The check Essart, who will try to resist Desideri, but will eventually have to surrender.

Two laps are then enough for the Scionti Racing Team rider to get back on top of the leading duo De Miguel-De Marco, in constant battle with each other. A battle that will continue even after Desideri has passed and ran away, towards victory. Under the checkered flag will be first Desideri, second De Miguel and third De Marco.

"After the safety brought the group back together I had my chance ... and there were just a few overtakes" declared a sly and very happy Desideri.

Among the youngest it is Cremona to assert itself, while among the Seniors it is still Garbelli to win.

Troubled weekend for Thomas Biagi, since yesterday plagued by technical problems.

Race 4

The last race of the weekend starts with Boulard in pole position and Croccolino at his side in

first row. At the start, however, Tournissoux is the first to parade at the San Donato, while Croccolino is reabsorbed by the group.

Essart takes a few turns to pass his compatriot Boulard and to pursue Tournissoux. A chase that ends at the start of the second lap. De Miguel follows Essart's example and reassembles the group, bringing with him the usual De Marco . It will be the three of them, again, who will compete for the podium positions. But while De Miguel manages to pass Essart immediately and gain a small advantage, De Marco struggles a lot to pass the MV2S Racing driver. The lost time costs him dearly: there is no more time to go and get De Miguel, who brings home a well-deserved victory. The duel between Ferloni and Paparusso is beautiful., which finally sees the latter prevail for the fifth absolute position. Meanwhile, Croccolino wins the prize of best youngster, while the best driver among the most experienced is Gianpiero Paparusso, author of an excellent performance.


The weekend of 17-19 June is back on track, on the Imola track, where Mitjet Italia will race alongside the DTM!