From 4 to 5 September in Ryazan at the Atron International circuit a stage of the ROTAX Russian Cup took place. 12 young drivers in 4 classes represented the colors of the Arctic Energy Academy in preparation of the Junior Program.

“The racing weekend was very productive, the team demonstrated its high competence in the ROTAX classes, and the team's drivers won prizes”, said Roman Bizyulev, Head of the Arctic Energy Junior Program.

Weather conditions during all racing days forced the teams to give all their strength, as constant rains and a rapidly drying track forced not only to change the car settings at lightning speed, but also to rebuild the aerobatics during the races.

“The variable weather conditions in any race add not only entertainment for spectators, but also challenges for teams, mechanics and coaches. We had to make adjustments to the kart's settings very often, practically from check-in to check-out”, said the head coach of the program Yevgeny Sokolov.

A brilliant race was demonstrated by Trofim Krotov, who took second place in the ROTAX Mini class:

“I first failed the start but then on the last lap the two leaders suddenly collided, and I was able to take advantage of this moment to break forward”, said Trofim. It is noteworthy that Trofim Krotov is going to fight for the Championship title in his class at the last stage in October, which will be held in Rostov-on-Don.

The female standings of the 6th stage of the Russian Cup were headed by representatives of Arctic Energy. Maria Higger took the first place. 

“The drivers are all strong, everyone races in the Russian Championship, in Europe, but I personally don't have many races per season, so I can't say that I have much experience behind ... I would like to gain more practice of overtaking and driving in a dense racing stream”, - shared Maria Higger after the race.

The silver prize was taken by Tatiana Lazareva. The race for Tatiana turned out to be very bright. Throughout the race, she broke through the entire field, demonstrating her professionalism when overtaking rivals in extremely difficult conditions. 

“The first half of the race was not very successful, but then I pulled myself together and broke through ... First I set myself a goal to enter the top five, because I think that the main thing is to set a high goal, and then just see how everything will turn out” - Tatyana described her impressive breakthrough.

Drivers Vladimir Pavlenko (ROTAX MAX), Fedor Bykonya (ROTAX MAX), Evgeny Sokolov (ROTAX MAX) and Andrey Shkatov (ROTAX junior) had a very commendable races too. But weather conditions, contact fighting and technical aspects during the weekend in Ryazan did not allow those drivers to realize their full potential. In general, the stage in Ryazan was rich in various racing incidents, so in the ROTAX Mini and ROTAX MAX classes, two guys were in so called "ears" (flipped kart) and fortunately - without serious consequences for their health.

Fyodor Bykonya, participant of the International competition ROTAX MAX GRAND FINAL, commented on his race: “The weekend turned out to be quite difficult, there were ups and downs, at the beginning there was no pace at all, then we adapted and went to the top five ... The results of the weekend are not entirely satisfying … Then I am going to collect points in order to rise to the second position in the Championship ”.

Nikita Artemiev (ROTAX Micro) made his debut race in sports karting and demonstrated high speed from the very first races, spending the entire weekend in the Top 5 of the class. Bogdan Shabanov (ROTAX Micro) became his team mate. The ROTAX Mini class was represented by four Arctic Energy drivers: Yakov Sinitsyn, Maria Artemyeva, Evgeny Amelkin and Timofey Shtatnov.

“It is worth noting that the drivers of Arctic Energy demonstrated an excellent racing pace, bright and effective struggle, but various incidents during the races did not allow everyone to rise to the top places”, - added Roman Bizyulev.

Arctic Energy is currently developing a new format for youth programs in motorsport. These programs are aimed at assisting in adaptation and supporting in the development of the racing career of young sportsmen. The experience gained from the 6th stage of the ROTAX Russian Cup confirmed the serious potential for both the development of young drivers and the program as a whole.

“Many thanks to our partners - Arctic Energy - for agreeing to support our team. The guys are very encouraged that a serious partner is emerging, and that it will be possible, showing good results in karting, to count on real support in touring car racing series”, - said Alexander Tazin, head of the Ryazan RCDO racing team, assessed the prospects.

 The final stage of ROTAX will take place on October 9-10 in Rostov-on-Don, and on September 17-18 Arctic Energy invites everyone to the legendary Belgian track Spa-Francorchamps, where, within the European Le Mans Series Championship, the Arctic Energy team will perform at the penultimate stage this year of the Ligier European Series.